Top 20 Buffyverse Monsters and Villains

10. Glory


The original one-eyed chicklet in the kingdom of the blind, the hell goddess Glorificus was one of the most powerful foes Buffy ever faced – completely outclassing the Slayer in strength. It just happened that she was trapped in the form of a narcissistic cheerleader.


9. Vampire/Dark Willow


Though two different characters, the vampire Willow from The Wishverse and regular Willow’s turn to the dark side had certain similarities – not least the catchphrase “Bored now.” It was equally thrilling and tragic to see loveable Ms Rosenberg go evil on both occasions.


8. The Master


The original Buffyverse big bad, The Master was an old-fashioned Nosferatu-like vampire leader with a love of tradition and prophecy. Being a Joss Whedon creation, however, he was also a natural at catty one-liners and quips which made him good fun to watch.


7. Mayor Wilkins


Season three’s big bad The Mayor is a compelling villain because his evildoing contrasts with his outwardly pleasant nature – he’s always smiling and polite but underneath it all he just wants to become a giant snake demon and rule the world. Just like all politicians, really.


6. Wolfram & Hart


Demon law firm Wolfram & Hart are unique in the Buffyverse in that they were never defeated, their constantly shifting plans always putting them one step ahead of Angel Investigations. W&H employees came and went but their best representative was icy Lilah Morgan.



2 thoughts on “Top 20 Buffyverse Monsters and Villains

  1. Almost agree with the list. The gentlemen are the spookiest. But willow should be at 3. Spike at 2 is maybe overrated. Loved everything about him, but he was never really as bad as Angelus and Faith. The list is about badness, not hotness;-)


    1. Haha hmmm I see your point actually. Faith probably is a better villain than Spike. I always think of Dark Willow as more of a tragic villain than a properly evil one so I guess that’s why she came a bit lower for me.


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