A Guide to Every Version of The Doctor on Doctor Who

The Seventh Doctor (1987-89)

Played by: Sylvester McCoy

Companions: Mel, Ace

Major Enemies: Davros, Daleks, The Master, Cybermen, The Rani

Doctor Who? Though initially a buffoon who liked to play the spoons and muddled his words, the Seventh Doctor grew into a dark, manipulative figure who was always one step ahead of the villains and kept a great deal of secrets from his companions.


The Eighth Doctor (1996, 2013)


Played by: Paul McGann

Companions: Grace, Chang Lee, Kass (sort of)

Major Enemies: The Master

Doctor Who? Appearing in a single American-produced TV movie (and later an online mini-sode), we didn’t get to know the Eighth Doctor for long but we do know that he was a younger, dashing Doctor who loved to fly into adventure by the seat of his pants.


The War Doctor (2013)


Played by: John Hurt

Companions: None (but befriended Clara Oswald and The Moment)

Major Enemies: Daleks, Zygons

Doctor Who? The 50th anniversary special ‘The Day of the Doctor’ revealed the existence of a hitherto unheard of incarnation. Known as the War Doctor, he fought in the last great Time War, committing warlike acts that haunted him and caused him to renounce the name of the Doctor.


The Ninth Doctor (2005)


Played by: Christopher Eccleston

Companions: Rose, Adam, Captain Jack (hon. companions: Mickey, Jackie)

Major Enemies: Daleks, Slitheen, Autons

Doctor Who? Suffering from survivor’s guilt over the loss of his entire race, the Ninth Doctor was a more grounded, sombre man – complete with northen accent and leather jacket.
Nonetheless he still found joy in the universe and was fond of saying the word “Fantastic!”


The Tenth Doctor (2005-10)


Played by: David Tennant

Companions: Rose, Mickey, Martha, Captain Jack, Donna, Wilf (hon. companions: Sarah Jane, K-9, Jackie, Astrid, River Song, Christina, Adelaide, Jackson Lake)

Major Enemies: Daleks, The Master, Cybermen, Sontarans, Weeping Angels, Ood

Doctor Who? At first full of boundless energy and oodles of charisma, after the loss of Rose the Tenth Doctor grew into a tragic hero who seemed doomed to lose everything he cared for. In many ways, he was the most human Doctor we’ve ever seen.


The Eleventh Doctor (2010-13)


Played by: Matt Smith

Companions: Amy, Rory, Clara (hon. companions: River Song, Vastra, Jenny, Strax, Dorium, Sarah Jane, Jo, Craig, Winston Churchill, Brian, Kazran, Abigail. Madge)

Major Enemies: Weeping Angels, Silence, Daleks, Cybermen, Great Intelligence, Silurians, Ice Warriors, Zygons

Doctor Who? Despite appearing younger than ever, the Eleventh Doctor had the mind – and dress sense – of an eccentric professor. Underneath his clumsiness and silliness, this Doctor felt the weight of his long life. As such, he was perhaps the wisest and saddest of the lot.


The Twelfth Doctor (2014-)


Played by: Peter Capaldi

Companions: Clara, Bill, Nardole (hon. companions: Danny, Ashildr, River Song, Vastra, Jenny, Strax, Rigsy, Courtney)

Major Enemies: The Master (Missy), Davros, Daleks, Cybermen, Zygons

Doctor Who? Granted a whole new life cycle, the Twelfth Doctor initially returned to the grouchiness of his first incarnation. Later, though, he grew into an aging rocker, favouring sonic sunglasses over a screwdriver and often seen playing his electric guitar.



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