Reviewing Smallville (Season Five)

7. Splinter

Clark gets infected with silver kryptonite and becomes delusional and paranoid. An interesting episode for exploring Clark’s deepest fears and the fascinating character of Milton Fine. 8.5/10

8. Solitude

Martha grows gravely ill with a Kryptonian virus – it seems Jor-El has come to take a life, just as he promised. A thrilling arc-heavy episode in which Fine’s evil plan comes to fruition. 8.5/10

9. Lexmas

Lex gets shot and has reverse-A Wonderful Life vision of a perfect life. Michael Rosenbaum is excellent here. Less good is the very silly subplot with Clark meeting the real (?!) Santa. 8.5/10

10. Fanatical

Lex’s student campaign team get a bit too overenthusiastic in stopping Jonathan Kent in the run-up to the election for state senator. Meanwhile, Clark and Lana’s relationships hits a snag.

11. Lockdown

The main plot – Panic Room at the Luthor mansion – is OK, but it’s particularly interesting due to how it pushes Lana and Lex together. Will this finally force Clark to tell Lana the truth? 8/10

12. Reckoning

What a 100th episode this was! Lots of callbacks to the Christopher Reeve movies, time warps, romance, fake-outs and a big emotional death. The show surely won’t be the same again. 10/10




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