10 Most Famous Anime Series of All Time

5. Sailor Moon

Usagi (or Serena, as she was called in the original dub) has been given the ability to transform into Sailor Moon to fight evil for the sake of love and justice. Soon others join her in this quest and they become the Sailor Scouts.


4. Dragonball Z

In the mood for cheesy dialogue and epic action? Then look no further, for you have all that and more with Dragon Ball Z! With Goku there always another battle to fight and another power level to achieve.


3. Naruto

In the village Hidden in the Leaves, the next generation learn the ways of the ninja. Join Naruto along with his fellow classmates Sakura and Sasuke as they strive become to become ninja.


2. One Piece

A story in which pirates are the good guys and go on crazy adventures both on, above, below and in between the open sea. Come abroad with Luffy and the rest of the Staw Hat Pirates and bring along all your hopes and dreams.


1. Pokemon

Pokemon is by far the most well-known and iconic anime of all time – and has a catchy theme song to boot. So, if it somehow hasn’t caught your attention already, go and catch ’em all (er, all the episodes, we mean).


Bubbling Under: Death Note, Attack on Titan, Cowboy Bepop and Sword Art Online.

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