13 Whedonverse Actors Who Appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Ashley Johnson


Whedonverse appearances: Dollhouse: ‘Omega’ as Wandy/Caroline; Much Ado About Nothing as Margaret.

Marvel appearances: The Avengers as Waitress.

TV regular Ashley Johnson appeared in the season one finale of Dollhouse, after having a different role in the ultimately unaired pilot of the series. Similarly, she had a bigger role in The Avengers before her part was reduced to a quick cameo.


Enver Gjokaj


Whedonverse appearances: Dollhouse as Victor.

Marvel appearances: The Avengers as Cop; Agent Carter as Daniel Sousa.

Enver Gjokaj was yet another Dollhouse star who later joined the MCU. Unusually, he has had two separate Marvel roles. First, he briefly appeared at the climax of Avengers as an NYC cop. Later, he was Peggy’s beau and SSR agent Daniel Sousa on two seasons of Agent Carter.


Chiwetel Ejiofor


Whedonverse appearances: Serenity as The Operative.

Marvel appearances: Doctor Strange as Baron Mordo.

Oscar-nominated actor Chiwetel Ejiofor starred in Serenity, the movie sequel/finale to Whedon’s Firefly. Last year, he was Benedict Cumberbatch’s friend-turned-enemy Mordo in Doctor Strange. 




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