An Unconventional Ranking of Every Batman Movie Ever

9. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice


From Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice – Spoiler-Free Review

“The biggest fault of BvS is that it just doesn’t have any real story to tell. Instead, it feels like you are watching a to-do list being ticked off. Show Batman’s origins: Check. Get him to fight Superman: Check. Big punch-up at the finale: Check. This would explain why motives and character development are virtually non-existent – the apex of this comes in the film’s most derided scene, as the fight of the title ends very (almost comically) abruptly.”


8. The Dark Knight Rises


From FFlashback: The Dark Knight Rises (2012) 

“What really makes The Dark Knight Rises easily the weakest of the trilogy is something that many other superhero threequels before and since have suffered from. With versions of weighty Bat-mythos characters like Bane, Talia Al Ghul, Catwoman and Robin introduced, it’s just too bloated for its own good. I’m also not a fan of the attempt at a happy ending, which not only doesn’t make logical sense but also feels disingenuous with the tone of the series and the nature of Batman himself. It’s still occasionally great, I should add, but not to the extent of previous films.”


7. Batman: The Movie


From FFlashback – Batman: The Movie (1966)

“Batman ’66, as it has become known, often splits fans right down the middle. For me, I think it is a thoroughly enjoyable romp which I would easily watch over a number of later Batman films. What a lot of people forget nowadays is that the movie (and its accompanying series) is intentionally campy and ridiculous. It was a genius way to keep both the kids and parents entertained, at a time when superheroes were rarely adapted. Bat-tastic!”



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