Reviewing Buffy The Vampire Slayer (Season Three)

7. Revelations

Yeah, there’s an evil Watcher lady but mostly this one’s about Angel’s resurrection getting out which splits the group. Once again, I can see everyone’s points but it’s still tough on Buffy.

8 Lovers Walk

A brilliant episode that balances strong themes – the destructive power of love – with a lot of wit and humour. It’s notable for being the only time Spike appears in season three. 9/10

9. The Wish

First class Buffy episode and possibly the best ‘alt-universe’ TV episode ever. Vampire Willow is a terrific creation and The Wishverse is truly horrifying. Plus, first appearance of Anya! 9.5/10

10. Amends

A dark, moody Christmas episode that gains a lot more significance after Angel and Buffy 
season seven. That said, it’s too melodramatic and occasionally schmaltzy to be great. 8/10

11. Gingerbread

Joyce whips up anti-witch hysteria amongst the parents of Sunnydale when two kids are killed. Some hilarious lines and interesting themes about book-burning and parental censorship. 8/10

12. Helpless

Buffy is stripped of her powers on her eighteenth birthday in a terrific, dramatic episode. It’s tough to watch Giles of all people making Buffy so weak and, well, helpless. 9/10




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