Reviewing Smallville (Season Seven)

7. Wrath

Lana gets Clark’s powers after being struck by lightning. The first half is good comic fun but then things get heavy as Lana’s inner darkness is revealed. Is this the final end of “Clana”?

8. Blue

Clark’s mother Lara-El returns – as does his evil uncle Zor-El. Meanwhile, there’s a shocking revelation about Lois’ new beau Grant Gabriel. Big, comic book melodrama but good fun.

9. Gemini

The truth about Grant comes out in a fairly pedestrian outing where Chloe is trapped in a lift with a bomb. A nice focus on Lois, though, and a connecting theme of evil twins. 8/10

10. Persona

So many interesting points to this episode. Bizarro and Brainiac return and form a sort of supervillain team-up, former Jimmy Olsen Marc McClure turns up as Dax-Ur and Lex gets really tragically dark. 8.5/10

11. Siren

Green Arrow returns – just as Lex hires newcomer Black Canary to take him out. Some good Clark and Lois foreshadowing and DC action. Less good is the constant Clana toing and froing.

12. Fracture

A very trippy episode as Clark takes a trip into a comatose Lex’s psyche after he is shot (for about the 50th time!). An interesting look at Lex’s warped internal balance between good and evil. 8.5/10





4 thoughts on “Reviewing Smallville (Season Seven)

      1. I like them but was happy with just 2 movies. They’re funny but they’re not perfect 😁. I enjoyed number 2 so would recommend seeing it.
        I didn’t laugh at all with the trailer so that’s saying something but I’m willing to give it a go.
        Really sorry about it being off topic, I saw the trailer and wondered if you’d have a ‘Trailer’ post done.


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