Reviewing Smallville (Season Eight)

7. Identity

Jimmy Olsen thinks he knows who Metropolis’ mysterious crimefighter is – none other than mild-mannered Clark Kent! The Superman mythos begins to form – there’s even a red cape.

8. Bloodline

A brilliant Kryptonian-themed episode that wraps up the lingering mystery of Kara and explores Davis’ origins. Shout out to Erica Durance for giving a terrific villainous performance. 8.5/10

9. Abyss

Chloe suffers from An Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind when her memories are written by Brainiac. Mostly very strong but the show might have just made a massive step back… 8.5/10

10. Bride

Chloe and Jimmy’s wedding turns into a tragedy when Doomsday crashes the party. Some lovely Clois stuff… and then Lana only goes and complicates things again. 9/10

11. Legion

The Legion (of Super-Heroes) from the 31st century arrives in time to help Clark defeat Brainiac once and for all. Amazing Superman foreshadowing and a great final showdown. 9.5/10

12. Bulletproof

What a terrible comedown. A boring episode where Clark infiltrates Met P.D. after John Jones is shot is totally ruined by a stupid Clana ending that sends the show backwards. 6/10


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