The Most Powerful Women of The Buffyverse

10. The Potentials

Originally, the Potential Slayers were highly capable fighters, as they were trained for war by Buffy and Faith. Eventually, they were activated by Willow and given the whole gamut of a Slayer’s powers. It is also possible that they were more powerful when newly-chosen, as they easily defeat the Turok-Han when Buffy had earlier been unable to do so.


9. Kendra Young

Kendra was activated as the new Slayer after the (first) brief death of Buffy. As well as possessing a Slayer’s usual super-strength, agility and prophetic dreams, Kendra had a much better working knowledge of demonology and the mystic arts than either Buffy and Faith as she actually did her homework.


8. Faith Lehane

After Kendra was killed by Drusilla, Faith was activated. Faith’s fierce attitude and initial lack of morals made her a formidable opponent – only really Buffy has managed to beat her brawling, brutal combat technique – especially when she was allied to dangerous foes like the Mayor and Wolfram and Hart.


7. Buffy Summers

The most powerful Slayer on the show, though, has to be Buffy Summers. Her experience on the field, expertise in martial arts, natural ingenuity and dislike of playing by the rules of the Watcher’s Council make her the thing that monsters have nightmares about.

Oh, and we have to mention that Buffy temporarily gained Superman-like abilities – such as telescopic vision, near-invulnerability and even flight – in the Season 8 comic books.


6. Anya Jenkins

When she is Anyanka, the Vengeance Demon, Anya is incredibly powerful – she can warp the whole of reality with just one wish, for one. She is also stronger than most vampires and demons and can hold her own against even Buffy.  Due to her incredibly long lifespan, Anya has also picked up a decent knowledge of magic and demonology over the years.



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