Reviewing Smallville (Season Nine)

7. Kandor

This one actually made me interested in Zod, as it explored his tragic backstory. Not to mention Jor-El in the (clone) flesh and proper Christopher Reeve Superman-like Krypton stuff. 8.5/10

8. Idol

The Wonder Twins are incredibly goofy (well, they are from Super Friends) but, as usual, Clark and Lois’ stuff is awesome. But, damn it, can’t they just let Lois know Clark’s secret? 9/10

9. Pandora

An awesome visit to Lois’ Zod-ruled dystopian future where everything has gone to pot – but hey, at least there’s some steamy Clois scenes. And in the present, the pair finally become a couple! 9/10

10. Disciple

A pretty solid Oliver-centric one that has a clear hero/dark mirror theme, as Green Arrow battles Dark Archer and Clark and Zod come to loggerheads. Not enough Clark and Lois stuff, though. 8/10

11. Absolute Justice

A feature-length extravaganza of an episode. Kind of like a colourful version of Watchmen. With the introduction of the Justice Society, we get more superheroes here than the whole rest of the show combined. It also sets up some interesting new plot threads (“there’s an apocalypse – or is it Apokolips? – coming.”). 100% comic book goodness. 9.5/10



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