25 Best Smallville Episodes (Seasons 6-10)

Bizarro (S7 E1)

As always, Smallville opens the season with a bang. Bizarro is a strong threat – basically, Red K Clark gone solo – and every character is moved into an interesting position on the board.


Traveler (S7 E14)

Lionel’s true motivations are revealed as the truth about the Veritas secret society begins to come out. A clever episode that retcons the twists and turns of the past few years into one coherent storyline.


Descent (S7 E16)

Just wow! On the one hand, it’s traumatising to lose one of Smallville‘s best characters but on the other this is fantastic drama as Lex finally goes off the deep end. A total game-changing episode.


Apocalypse (S7 E18)

Smallville does It’s A Wonderful Life in a terrific alt-universe episode which gives us some great easter eggs – President Lex, bespectacled Clark, Pulitzer-winning Lois. Exciting ending, too!


Committed (S8 E5)

Chloe and Jimmy getting the Saw treatment is pretty standard Smallville fare but the Clark and Lois stuff is superb – first, their hilarious fake engagement and then the reveal of Lois’ feelings for Clark.




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