NEWS FLASH: Casting Shortlist Possibly Revealed For Batgirl Movie

Jane Levy

Age: 27

Most Known For: Don’t Breathe, Evil Dead, Suburgatory

Probably the actress with the most support from DC fans is Jane Levy. Due to her strong likeness to the character’s look on the page, comic book readers would love to see Levy as Babs Gordon. However, at 27, she is older than most of the actresses on this shortlist.


Emma Roberts

Age: 26

Most Known ForScream Queens, American Horror Story, Scream 4

The niece of Julia Roberts, Emma Roberts has clocked up a lot of credits over her young career – in particular, she has found a nice on horror TV shows and movies. Along with Elle Fanning, she is probably one of the more established actresses on this list. Would Whedon change his mind and cast a known name?


Haley Lu Richardson

Age: 22

Most Known ForEdge of Seventeen, Split

Lu Richardson is most recognisable for her supporting role in the two movies mentioned above. No offence to the actress, then, but it’s curious that the two leads of those movies – Hailee Steinfeld and Anya Taylor Joy – are not on this shortlist as they would also be terrific choices.


Naomi Scott

British actress Naomi Scott has just played a superheroine in the Power Rangers movie, so she definitely has the experience to take on Batgirl. The only thing is that her commitments to that franchise could prevent her from signing up for a rival movie series.


The same report that revealed this list also claims that Langford is currently the frontrunner, with Fanning, Levy and Qualley the runners-up. We’ll have to see if more concrete news appears.

Who would you like to see as Batgirl? Let us know in the comments!

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