FF’s Favourite LGBT Characters In Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Alex Danvers (Lesbian) – Supergirl

In the second season of SupergirlKara’s adoptive sister Alex Danvers had a wonderfully handled arc where she realised that she was gay after falling for – familiar name coming up – Maggie Sawyer. ‘Sanvers’, as they have become known, are now probably the fan-favourite couple on the show. Like Batwoman, Alex is also an incredibly tough lady in her own right and possibly the fullest character in Supergirl. C.B.


Willow Rosenberg (Lesbian) – Buffy The Vampire Slayer

In the fourth season of Buffy, Willow explored her sexuality after she met and slowly fell in love with Tara Maclay, later defining herself as a lesbian. It was a terrific arc and one of the first times a long-running lesbian relationship was depicted on television. Though Willow’s storyline wasn’t without its controversies – Tara’s later death is the biggest – it was still a brilliantly positive depiction of a lesbian love story for the most part. C.B.


Captain Jack Harkness (Pansexual) – Doctor Who & Torchwood

Jack was from a far off colony in the future so of course their attitudes towards sexual preference would be far more fluid and liberal. Jack was able to represent a queer man that could be both camp AND traditionally masculine, something which is still a rarity in mainstream media. Thanks to Torchwood we were able to see more of this in a more mature setting and have a fully fledged relationship with Ianto Jones. M.W.


Bill Potts (Lesbian) – Doctor Who

Bill was not only a fun, loveable and quirky character but also the first canon sapphic companion of Doctor Who. The show handled the representation of her sexuality well, reminding us it was there when needed, but never hammering it home too hard. Furthermore, the show avoided the harmful ‘bury your gays trope’ and gave Bill a lovely send off with her girlfriend. M.W. 


Nomi Marks (Trans Woman) – Sense8

Nomi represents the struggles of being a trans woman in the Western world. We see her deal with transphobia and being misgendered and dead-named by her unaccepting mother, as well as dealing with trans-exclusive feminists and bullying as a teenager. Trans characters (especially those played by trans actors) are still massively underrepresented, so the inclusion of such in Sense8‘s inclusive story world is highly important. M.W


2 thoughts on “FF’s Favourite LGBT Characters In Sci-Fi/Fantasy

  1. Great post! I love most of these characters – Bill is probably my favourite as I really loved her in the last Doctor Who season. 🙂


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