Ranking Every Major Villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Whitney Frost


Actress-cum-genius scientist Whitney Frost had the potential to be the perfect foil to Peggy in Agent Carter season two. Sadly, her character arc didn’t quite catch alight.


Iron Monger


The MCU’s first ever villain set the template for the rest to come – for better or for worse. No one is denying Jeff Bridges’ awesomeness but Obidiah Stane doesn’t have much to him.


Justin Hammer


Anti-Tony Stark #2 Justin Hammer was lifted immeasurably by Sam Rockwell’s lively performance, but he still wasn’t superb. I’d like to see him again at some point, though.




With so much to introduce in Doctor Strange, it can be forgiven for having a lesser-developed villain. At least Mads Mikkelsen looked cool with his purple, cracked eyes.


Yellow Jacket


What do you know – yet another evil version of the hero! Corey Stoll doesn’t have the star power of other MCU bad guys but he nicely channels Kevin Spacey as Darren Cross.


Armin Zola


Zola appeared in the first two Captain America films (as well as a cameo in Agent Carter), even though he was never the main villain. Let’s hope the HYDRA no. 2’s A.I. returns at some point.



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