A Guide to Every DC Superhero Who Appeared on Smallville


Played by: Elena Satine

Appearances: 1 episode (S10)

Aquaman’s Atlantean wife Mera appeared in season ten when she aided her husband and Clark in stopping Slade Wilson’s anti-hero schemes as part of the Vigilante Registration Act. Though the character is not yet the queen of Atlantis, Smallville‘s Mera is a close visual match for the comic book character.



Played by: Lucas Grabeel, Jakob Davies, Connor Stanhope

Appearances: 5 episodes (S10) [only 1 as Superboy]

Conner Kent is the genetically-engineered clone of Clark Kent and Lex Luthor. Initially, he was very similar to Lex until his Kryptonian side kicked in and he became a hero. This is the reverse of the comic book character who believed he was a Superman clone before learning of his Luthor origins.


Blue Beetle

Played by: Jaren Brandt Bartlett

Appearances: 1 episode (S10)

Geeky teenager Jaime Reyes had his whole life turned upside down when he accidentally came into contact with an alien scarab owned by Kord Industries. It made him into the ultimate killing machine but, thanks to his good heart, he was able to control its powers. Other Blue Beetles Dan Garrett and Ted Kord were also alluded to in the episode.




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