A Guide To The Mutants Of The Gifted


Played by: Jermaine Rivers

Shatter is a trusted member of the MU. He has extremely tough carbonized skin and the ability to carbonize matter, making it easier to, well, shatter. In the comics, it is explained that he got his distinctive shatter-pattern injury when he attempted to shoot himself in the head.


Stepford Cuckoos

Played by: Skyler Samuels

Esme, Sophie and Phoebe Frost are telepathic triplets who work for the Hellfire Club. Esme infiltrated the MU and manipulated them for her own bidding. Eventually, the sisters managed to recruit several MU members into the Club. In the comics, they are known as the Stepford Cuckoos and are clones of Emma Frost, the Club’s White Queen.



Played by: Jeff Daniel Phillips

Tex AKA Fade, who had the ability to turn invisible, ran the Tex’s Lounge bar which he used to help smuggle mutant refugees out of the country. Though Fade is a bit of a jerk, he is a good guy – unlike his comics counterpart who is a hitman.



Played by: Danny Ramirez

Wes is a teenage mutant with a criminal past who has image manipulation powers – he can create illusions and mirages. He is in a relationship with Lauren Strucker. Wes appears to be an original character for the show, though he shares his powers with the female hero Mirage.



Played by: DJames Jones

Harry AKA Trader was an MU member with the ability to blend in with his environment. In the comics, he is less human-looking and gets his name because he used to be a stockbroker.



Played by: Zack Roerig

Pulse – who could suppress other mutants’ powers – was once a senior member of the MU and Thunderbird’s best friend. However, he was captured by Trask Industries and turned into their “Hound” (see next page).



Played by: Erinn Ruth

Evangeline cameos in the season 1 finale as a representative of the X-Men who recruits Polaris to lead the MU. She has the ability to transform into a red-skinned demonic creature. In the comics, she can morph into a fully-fledged dragon.



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