15 Most Powerful Women In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

10. Okoye and the Dora Milaje

The Wakandan king’s loyal bodyguards are the Dora Milaje, an elite squad of formidable women warriors. They are led by General Okoye, who has proven herself to be hugely proficient in various forms of combat – usually making use of her spear. The Dora were able to come out on top in a battle between the different factions of Wakanda.


9. Shuri

Sure, being good at fighting is great and all but it could be said that the greatest power is intelligence. Black Panther’s little sister Shuri is not only a princess of Wakanda, she also possesses a genius-level intellect, perhaps even surpassing that of Tony Stark. She designed much of the cutting-edge tech that is used in the secret African nation.


8. Alexandra & Madame Gao

Alexandra and Madame Gao are two of the leaders – or “Fingers” – of the Hand, a mystical and powerful organisation, with an endless supply of ninjas at its control, that has existed for centuries. The pair are also functionally immortal, though they can be killed. They have also proven to be surprisingly capable in combat.


7. Gamora & Nebula

Gamora and Nebula are both highly-trained assassins who were “adopted” by Thanos the Mad Titan and forced to fight each other to the point of peak physical fitness. Though Gamora is Thanos’ “favourite” due to her superior prowess in combat, Nebula appears to be near-indestructible as she is mostly comprised of cybernetic enhancements.


6. Black Widow

On the surface, Natasha Romanoff would seem to be a lesser member of the Avengers as she has no powers – but underestimate her at your peril. She underwent extensive training as a Russian assassin before defecting to SHIELD and becoming known as one of the world’s greatest spies. Alongside Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, she has gone toe-to-toe with alien soldiers, robot drones and even her own friends.



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