Reviewing Doctor Who (Season One)

4-5. Aliens Of London/World War Three

Tonally, this two-parter is all over the place, with the performances and characterisation of the Slitheen being squarely aimed at young children. There’s some half-decent political commentary in there, though, and the twist that Rose has been missing for a year is genius. 6.5/10


6. Dalek

An astonishing re-evaluation of the Daleks which turns them from a bit of a joke into, first, a terrifying tank-like Terminator and then, remarkably, something to be pitied, as it becomes infected by Rose’s humanity. Eccleston’s confrontation with it is still the best Dalek/Doctor moment ever. 9/10


7. The Long Game

Unfortunately, another misstep. Interesting ideas – a spacestation that runs the news in the far future – but the monster is weak and the great Simon Pegg isn’t given enough to work with.  And thank God Adam only lasts two episodes. Worst. Companion. Ever! 6/10


8. Father’s Day

The most emotional hour of this whole season. The timey-wimey stuff and the monsters of the week is just window-dressing for a very moving, down-to-earth tale of Rose getting to spend some time with her dad before he dies. Beautiful writing and performances all-round. 9/10


9-10. The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances

Steven Moffat’s Doctor Who debut is a cracker – brimming with an abundance of sharp ideas, perfectly-formed quips and lots of scares and incident. Captain Jack is a terrific addition to the TARDIS team and the titular child is nightmare-inducing. Down side: the odd sexual subtext. 9.5/10




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