10 Most Shocking Moments In Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

There’s An Ancient Evil Entity Buried Under Crystal Cove

Season 2 really kicks up the mythology of the show a notch, and it eventually comes out that there is a real supernatural evil at work in Crystal Cove. The gang discover that an ancient entity is buried underneath the town, with its sinister aura corrupting many of the townsfolk – hence why so many of them dress up as monsters. Plus, the reason why there have been so many mystery-solving gangs throughout time is because it is fated that one of them will destroy the entity and save the world.


Scooby Is Descended From Aliens

Yes, you read that right. As season 2 goes on, more answers come out and it’s revealed that the entity was buried centuries ago by a benevolent race of interdimensional aliens who take the form of animals. They have come to Earth to help humanity throughout time and their descendants are any talking or intelligent animals we have met on the show. Which includes Scooby himself. So, yeah, Scooby-Doo is part-alien. Now you know.


Marci Is Killed Off-Screen

A prominent recurring character in Mystery Incorporated! is Marci AKA Hot Dog Water. As voiced by Linda “live-action Velma” Cardellini, Marci was initially a villain but was eventually rehabilitated and became an ally to the gang. In the final episodes of the show, she faces off against the evil Professor Pericles and his goons as a distraction so that the gang can get away. As they are running, we hear a hail of gunshots. The gang stop and look sad but decide they need to keep going. Hands down the darkest moment in Scooby-Doo.


Velma And Marci Are Dating?

For reasons we’ll get to in a minute, Marci is alive again by the end of the series finale. When we last see her, she’s with Velma in her bedroom talking about college and their futures when Velma is called away by the rest of the gang. As Velma leaves, Marci comments “that’s my girl.” Though it isn’t made explicit, it’s heavily suggested that the pair are now in a relationship. This is a major first for the franchise where the characters have always been portrayed as straight.


Time Is Rewritten

After the apocalypse is averted and the ancient evil destroyed, the timeline is changed and it’s made as if the entity never existed. Without it corrupting the townsfolk, Crystal Cove is known as the “sunniest place on Earth” and there’s never been any history of mysteries. Though the gang’s lives are better, they feel lost without the sense of purpose they used to have. In the final scene of the show, Mystery Inc leave Crystal Cove to find mysteries to solve on the open road, making the whole thing a kind of prequel for their typical Where Are You?-style adventures.


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