8 Most Heartbreaking Moments In Pixar Movies

You’d better have a tissue ready as we go through the saddest moments in Pixar films…


8. Buzz Will Go Sailing No More, Toy Story 

Buzz’s delusions about being a real space ranger make for a lot of laughs earlier in the film, but things turn more sombre here as he finds out he’s merely a toy. Proving that Pixar could tug at your heart strings right from the off in their very first film, this is a brilliantly moving sequence.


7. WALL-E’s Reset, WALL-E

It is to Pixar’s credit that they created one of the most loveable robots ever in WALL-E. That’s why it’s so sad when he has that vibrant personality wiped. It’s tragic when he doesn’t recognise EVE, but the bit that gets me is when he carelessly crushes his beloved garbage collection.


6. Sully Says Goodbye, Monsters Inc

Sully and Mike are a terrific duo, but it’s Sully’s parental relationship with Boo that is the heart of the film. It really feels like a parent is being torn from their child when he has to put her back through her door. The movie’s last scene also doesn’t undercut this by keeping Boo out of frame.


5. Coral’s Death, Finding Nemo

The Little Mermaid’Sebastian said it was better under the sea, but he clearly hadn’t met any barracuda. This tragic opening makes us believe in the dangers of the ocean that Marlin preaches later on. That bit where he holds the damaged egg in his fin will definitely bring on the waterworks.




4 thoughts on “8 Most Heartbreaking Moments In Pixar Movies

  1. Had to be Up as number 1 no one can argue that. It’s not a good pixar movie unless it has one moment that truly plucks at your heart strings. Great list. One of my favourites not on the list is the plane sequence in the Incredibles. When the missiles hit and the captive Mr Incredible believes his wife and children have been blown up.

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      1. It’s one of the strongest pixar films because of its tonal shifts. Truly the best Fantastic Four movie made to date. I think that moment gets lost amongst the many pixar has, especially with the toy story films building those moments so perfectly.

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