Superman Through The Years

Is this a post about birds? Or an article on planes? No, it’s a gallery of Superman over the decades…


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Who’s your favourite Superman? Leave your thoughts in the comments!



3 thoughts on “Superman Through The Years

  1. My Superman will always be Tim Daley, im a huge Bruce Timm fan and the whole DCAU. I didn’t know about a supergirl appearance. With all the nods to the past, casting thr likes of Dean Cain as karas adopted father you’d thing grab Tom welling for a superman cameo. The fanboy (and girl) reaction would be amazing, smallville fans would kill for welling in costume. Tyler looks good but missed opportunity. Great piece btw, love a good retrospective!

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    1. Thanks, Cameron. Yeah, Tim Daly is awesome! I know, I wish they had brought Tom Welling back. As you say, it would have been the perfect opportunity to finally put him in the suit. Ah well, I’m sure the new guy will be good!

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      1. I’m very interested. I still haven’t seen the last few eps of Supergirl but the show is being treated well so I have high hopes for a Superman cameo…and who knows Batman could follow.


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