15 Smallville Actors Who Appeared In The DCEU

The makers of the DC Extended Universe are clearly Smallville fans – a whole bunch of actors from the Superman prequel have appeared in the movies…


15. Adam Brody

Smallville Role: Justin Gaines (season 1, episode 19)

DCEU Role: Super Hero Freddy (Shazam!, Shazam! Fury of the Gods)

Before he got his breakout role in The OC, Adam Brody played meteor-freak-of-the-week Justin Gaines – a telekinetic who briefly romanced Chloe – in an episode of Smallville season 1. He later played the Shazam-ified version of Freddy Freeman in 2018’s Shazam! He’ll return for a bigger chunk of screentime in the sequel. Fun fact: Brody also nearly played the Flash in the cancelled Justice League Mortal movie.


14. John Glover

Smallville Role: Lionel Luthor/Lionel Luthor (Earth-2) (Seasons 1-7, 10)

DCEU Role: Dr. Thaddeus Sivana (Shazam!)

John Glover is a bonafide DC icon, having voiced the Riddler in Batman: The Animated Series, portrayed Jason Woodrue in Batman & Robin and embodying the regular role of Lex’s tough father Lionel Luthor across eight seasons of Smallville. In a fun callback to his Smallville role, Glover notched up another DC appearance in Shazam, playing another rich dad of a bald supervillain!




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