8 Greatest Robot Sidekicks in Movies

Who says dog is man’s best friend? Here are some cybernetic chums from the movies we’d love to have…


8. Robby the Robot


One of the most iconic robots in film history, Robby the Robot appeared in 1956’s Forbidden Planet (yes, that’s where the chain of sci-fi stores gets its name from). With his clunky arms and glass domed head hiding a mass of wires and circuitry, Robby pretty much defined what robots looked like in popular culture for years.



Iron Man Jarvis

All right, Iron Man’s trusty A.I JARVIS (Just A Really Very Intelligent System) isn’t really a robot but we’re counting him here. With Paul Bettany’s droll delivery, JARVIS is a like a high-tech version of Batman’s Alfred – at least, until he gained sentience and became The Vision. Though it’s nice for Bettany that he actually gets to show his face now, we do kind of miss JARVIS.


6. Marvin


Giving robots emotions never goes well in movies, as they usually start killing people. With a Personality Prototype droid like Marvin though it’s much worse than that – he just bothers everyone around him with his constant moping. Voiced by Alan Rickman in the 2005 version of Douglas Adams’ beloved sci-fi comedy books, Marvin’s depressive antics are probably the highlight of the film. Ghastly, isn’t it?


5. Baymax


Unlike gloomy ol’ Marvin, Baymax is a robot who loves giving hugs and looking after the welfare of others – unless he’s been reprogrammed as a lean, mean fighting machine, that is! Big Hero 6 was a great attempt by Disney to have their own Marvel superhero movie and, of course, they added in a loveable sidekick. With his weather balloon-like body, Baymax is a terrifically-designed creation who absolutely steals the show.




3 thoughts on “8 Greatest Robot Sidekicks in Movies

  1. The T – 800 isn’t a sidekick. He’s the star of the Terminator franchise. Just wait until Arnie sees this!🤣😂😂


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