5 Elizabeth Olsen Movies/TV Shows To Watch If You’re Enjoying WandaVision

Loving Marvel’s WandaVision on Disney + but can’t wait another week for the next episode? Then why not check out some other projects starring Scarlet Witch’s Elizabeth Olsen…?


Her MCU Appearances

This is a really obvious one, but if you’re enjoying WandaVision, that’s the perfect excuse to go back and watch all of Olsen’s MCU appearances so far. She debuted as Wanda Maximoff, alongside Paul Bettany as Vision, in Avengers: Age of Ultron. The pair then grew closer in Captain America: Civil War before being a couple in Avengers: Infinity War. Avengers: Endgame then explores her grief at his death.



Before Godzilla vs. Kong debuts in March, why not revisit the opening chapter in the MonsterVerse – 2014’s Godzilla? It’s a great film and all, but maybe I should give Marvel fans a warning: Olsen plays the wife of Aaron Taylor-Johnson in this one. Seeing as ATJ played her brother Quicksilver in the MCU, it’s very weird to watch them as a married couple.


Ingrid Goes West

Ingrid Goes West is a darkly funny and emotional satire of modern life. It stars Fandom Factory fave Aubrey Plaza as the eponymous Ingrid, a lonely Instagram-aholic who moves across the country to LA so that she can worm her way into the life of social media influencer Taylor Sloane (Olsen). Once you watch this, make sure to catch every video you can of Plaza and Olsen’s perfect IRL friendship.


Sorry For Your Loss

Sorry For You Loss marks Olsen’s first and to date only time as the lead of her own TV series. The moving drama follows the actress as a young widow who, along with her friends and family, struggles to deal with the unexpected death of her husband. Facebook Watch produced 20 episodes across two seasons before it was cancelled last year. You can watch the show for free here.


Wind River

This engrossing murder mystery stars Olsen alongside yet another fellow MCU actor. This time, she pairs up with Hawkeye himself Jeremy Renner. Punisher actor Jon Bernthal is also in the cast. Renner plays a local expert tracker with Olsen as an FBI agent, as the unlikely partners have to work together to deduce who killed a frozen body found in the snow.


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