WATCH: Wonder Woman First Trailer

And here’s a poster to go along with it!



6 thoughts on “WATCH: Wonder Woman First Trailer

      1. I have high hopes after BvS. I feel like this is going to be the Captain America of DC a good period piece that jumps time.
        The costume looks way more vibrant, I wonder if after 100 years from WW1 that the colour faded till she showed up in BvS.


      2. Yeah, I imagine it will have similarities with Cap’s first film. And that’s a good idea, that makes a lot of sense. Hopefully the film all round will be more vibrant than BvS.

        What were your opinions on BvS, by the way?


      3. I enjoyed it. It wasn’t the movie I wanted but it had too much going on. Stuff like the nods to apocalypse and darkseid, the flash time travel, every wonder woman scene and the batman Martha rescue were amazing but lex was the riddler and was a very weird choice, the while Martha thing wasn’t done right lois shouldn’t have been there. I get what they were going for it showed the humanity of sups so bats could identify but the whole fight felt forced. I can’t remeber who said it but it’s like the writers read one comic book and it was the dark Knight Returns took their favourite parts and badly threw them in because they though that’s what the fans would want
        The worst in justice is batman doesn’t recruit the justice league he’s always the outsider who reluctantly joins I don’t like batman as the leader. Ultimately it’s just a universe build movie here’s a bunch of info so you’ll get the next few movies. As I said not what I wanted but still enjoyable
        What im waiting for is the blu ray release with the additional content. The R rated cut of whatever it is. I need to see it again I’ve only watched it once so I don’t want to judge too much.


      4. Yeah, I think the nods to the wider DC universe – as you say, the Darkseid and Flash stuff – were a double edged sword. They were fun, but they did overstuff the film. That version of Lex was definitely not the way to go, and the Martha scene should have been tweaked to make it less forced.
        Batman as the leader is a new take, though I do kind of like how it puts him out of his comfort zone. And yes, it will be interesting to see the difference in the longer version.

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