A Guide to Every DC Superhero Who Appeared on Smallville

Many of DC’s finest heroes appeared on Superman prequel Smallville over its ten season run. Here’s the complete list…


Honorable Mention: Warrior Angel

Played by: Carlo Marks

Appearances: 1 episode (S9)

While Warrior Angel is an original character, the story of a young boy saying a magic word and instantly becoming an adult superhero is clearly a homage to Shazam/Captain Marvel, a character the producers could not get the rights for.


Andrea Rojas

Played by: Denise Quinones

Appearances: 1 episode (S5)

Andrea Rojas has to be the most obscure comic book hero to make the jump to Smallville. On the page, Rojas goes by the name Acrata but on the show she is the vigilante known as the Angel of Vengeance – a character much more in common with Huntress or the Phantasm (Andrea Beaumont).


Wonder Twins

Played by: David Gallagher and Allison Scagliotti

Appearances: 1 episode (S9)

Who would have thought that these Super Friends characters would appear in Smallville? The shape-shifting alien twins Jayda and Zan kept their traditional purple colour scheme but lost their pet monkey Gleek from the classic cartoon. They do, however, say a version of their catchphrase: “Powers activate!”




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