A Guide To Every DC Supervillain Who Appeared On Smallville

We’ve already run through every DC hero in Smallvilleso now it’s time for a guide to all of its comic book supervillains…


Darkseid’s Prophets

Played by: Michael Daingerfield (Godfrey), Steve Byers (Desaad), Christine Willes (Granny)

Episodes: 7 (between them)

In the comics, Desaad, Granny Goodness and Glorious Godfrey are Apokoliptian, but Smallville‘s versions appear to be humans corrupted by Darkseid’s Omega mark. Ultimately, though, they still fulfill the same function as on the page – foreshadowing Darkseid’s invasion of Earth.


Legion of Doom

Played by: Chris Gauthier (Toyman), Steph Song (Roulette), Brian Austin Green (Metallo), Steve Bacic (Dark Archer)

Episodes: 1 (as team)

Though Toyman’s band of rogues is not named, it is clear that they are intended to be Smallville‘s version of Legion of Doom. The appearance of Solomon Grundy, Captain Cold and Black Manta gives it away.


Injustice League

Played by: Jessica Parker Kennedy (Plastique), Brendan Fletcher (Parasite), Anna Mae Routledge (Livewire), Jae Lee (Neutron)

Episodes: 1 (as team)

Likewise, Tess Mercer’s team of meteor freaks isn’t referred to as the Injustice League on screen, only in the title. The team features lower-level threats than in the comics. In fact, it’s much closer to…


Suicide Squad

Played by: Rick Flag (Ted Whittall), Jessica Parker Kennedy (Plastique), Bradley Stryker (Deadshot), Elias Toufexis (Warp).

Episodes: 4

Initially started by Amanda Waller, the Suicide Squad operates as an underground metahuman organisation opposing the Vigilante Registration Act. This is a very sparse member of the Squad – the only Task Force X-ers we meet are Deadshot, Plastique and Warp.


Silver Banshee

Played by: Odessa Rae

Episodes: 1

The vengeful, man-hating spirit of Siobhan McDougal was trapped in an old painting – but was accidentally released by Lois. A very loose adaptation of Silver Banshee, though her supernatural origin is in tact.




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