Ranking The Top 20 Characters of Smallville

Smallville ended six years ago this month – so let’s take a look at our ranking of the 20 greatest characters on the Superman prequel show…


Many spoilers for all ten seasons of Smallville will be found herein. 


20. Pete Ross

Played by: Sam Jones III

Appearances: 69 (regular – S1-3, guest – S7)

A regular for the first three seasons, Clark’s childhood best bud Pete Ross was the first person he trusted with his secret – something that put a lot of strain on their friendship. The show often struggled to work out what to do with him but Pete is an important character in Smallville‘s mythos.


19. Dr Emil Hamilton

Played by: Alessandro Juliani

Appearances: 15 (recurring – S8-10)

Emil Hamilton only appears a handful of times across the final three seasons of Smallville but he swiftly becomes a firm member of Team Watchtower. Alessandro Juliani is a lot of fun in the role and by season ten he is the honorary sixth main character of the show.




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