WATCH – Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders Animated Movie Trailer

Holy spoiler alert, Batman! Adam West and Burt Ward are back in a new animated adventure which arrives in October. Watch the tongue-in-cheek trailer above…

9 thoughts on “WATCH – Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders Animated Movie Trailer

      1. I did. It was marvellous. I loved the bat girl prelude into the story. It was such a great tie in to BTAS. I saw a lot of complaints about it but they seem to be from comic book fans rather than fans of the animated series who know that it makes sense.
        Just a wonderful movie, so brilliantly done. The ending was utterly perfect such a brilliantly performed piece.
        It’s so bittersweet as it could be the last time conroy and Hamil perform together.
        It’s been a great batman year, it’s a shame lego batman isn’t till next year, what a cap off that would have been!!!


      2. Oh good! I’m glad you enjoyed it – yeah, I guess that was calling back to those shows, I hadn’t thought of that before.
        All the stuff with Batman and the Joker was brilliant – that ambiguous ending is terrific.
        Actually I think they are both in the new Justice League Action cartoon, thankfully. I don’t want to think about a time when those two aren’t voicing those characters.
        Ha yeah, that would have been amazing!

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      3. It would be amazing if they took the whole Alan moore arcs and done the swamp thing run over an animated movie. The attack on Gotham would be amazing!

        Oh I heard about that show when it was in development, I didn’t know it was out. I’ll have to search for it, im always interested in some animated comic book awesomeness!


      4. I think it’s something to do with him being at vertigo rather than dc proper. There’s something about not wanting to share universes. Maybe that’ll change but swamp thing has a brilliant story that could be told amazingly in animation. Live action would be way too much but a DCAU film would be great!


      5. Oh that would be very interesting. There’s so much scope for these lesser known characters over animation. Netflix does some great stuff an animated series would work perfect there


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