13 Whedonverse Actors Who Appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Joss Whedon wrote and directed two Avengers movies for the MCU. In turn, a bunch of his favourite actors have turned up in Marvel’s movies and TV shows from time to time…

Sean Gunn


Whedonverse appearances: Angel: ‘Hero’ as Lucas; ‘She’ as Mars.

Marvel appearances: Guardians of the Galaxy/Vol. 2 as Kraglin/Rocket Racoon (Motion Capture).

Sean Gunn appeared in two episodes of Angel season one (as two different characters). Years later, he helped out his brother director James Gunn by providing the motion capture/on-set performance of Rocket Racoon. He also appears in a small supporting role as a Ravager.


Reed Diamond


Whedonverse appearances: Dollhouse as Laurence Dominic; Much Ado About Nothing as Don Pedro.

Marvel appearances: Agents of SHIELD as Daniel Whitehall.

Reed Diamond had a recurring role on Whedon’s Dollhouse TV show before joining the director for his adaptation of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. Diamond later appeared as HYDRA villain Daniel Whitehall.


Dichen Lachman


Whedonverse appearances: Dollhouse as Sierra.

Marvel appearances: Agents of SHIELD as Jiayang.

Dichen Lachman followed fellow Dollhouse alum Reed Diamond onto Agents of SHIELD. On the former, she featured as regular character Sierra, a ‘doll’ – a memory-wiped special agent. On AoS, she was Inhuman villain – and Skye’s mother – Jiayang.



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