Review: Supergirl 2×02 – The Last Children of Krypton

Supergirl and Superman continue their team-up to take on Metallo in this thrilling follow-up to the premiere…


As fantastic as ‘The Adventures of Supergirl’ was, it has to be said that Superman absolutely stole the show away from Kara. In ‘The Last Children of Krypton’, the balance is addressed a little more as both heroes get interesting personal storylines to work with.

First of all, Kara’s total adoration for her big cousin – to the extent that she wants to move to Metropolis with him – drives a wedge between her and Alex, who sees it as an affront to their own familiar bond. The sisterly relationship between the Danvers women has always been one of the most fully-realised on the show so it made sense that Clark’s appearance would have an effect on it.

On the Clark side of things, his conflict with Martian Manhunter over the DEO’s acquirement of Kryptonite came out in the wash this week – in the Fortress of Solitude, no less! You can see where both characters are coming from. J’onn is trying to protect the Earth (just last season he came up against some evil Kryptononians, after all) while Superman wants to do the same for what’s left of his family. In the end, I guess Superman is proved right as Cadmus get their hands on some and create Kryptonite-powered supervillains.


Speaking of whom, Metallo #1 and Metallo #2 made for some formidable foes in a couple of great fight scenes (who didn’t love seeing Superman and Martian Manhunter team up?), even if they weren’t exactly the most layered antagonists ever. The same goes for their lord and masters Cadmus at the moment but I’ll hold my tongue until later and see if they get to develop.

It was also sad to say goodbye to Cat, in what is the one downside of the show migrating to The CW (Callista Flockhart is based in LA and Supergirl is now filmed in Vancouver). Hopefully she will be back soon as her replacement Snapper Carr looks like a generic hard-nosed boss right now. But then again, Cat herself did at the beginning of the show.

Unfortunately, it is also Superman’s time to leave for the moment as well. So while I, and no doubt most viewers watching, would be happy for it to always be The Supergirl and Superman Show (or maybe Keeping Up With The Kryptonians?), normal service is resumed next week. Let’s hope that this newfound burst of quality will stick around without him.



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