15 Vampires Who Are Better Than Dracula

Count Dracula might be the most iconic vampire out there, but he doesn’t hold a cross to these fascinating/frightening bloodsuckers…


An enduring horror icon he might be, but I’m sorry to say that I’ve never found Count Dracula to be that interesting a character. He lacks the tragic aspect of modern vamps (whose immortality is often presented as a curse) nor is he actually all that scary. These 10 noteworthy nosferatu, on the other hand, definitely do not suck.


15. Count von Count, Sesame Street


Fair enough, The Count isn’t the most fully-rounded vampire, but he did teach generations of children to count. Not many of the undead are so selfless as to spend their eternal life that way.


14. Count Duckula, Count Duckula

This fondly remembered British animated series featured the novel idea of a vampire duck. Plus, he was a vegetarian blooduscker… before Edward Cullen came along and made it cool.


13. Darkseekers, I Am Legend


OK, enough with the comedy vamps. These vampire-zombie-mutants that haunt a post-apocalyptic New York are actually pretty terrifying. I wouldn’t like to be in Will Smith’s shoes.


12. Kurt Barlow, Salem’s Lot


The same goes for this handsome guy. In Stephen King’s novel, Barlow is a normal-looking fella. In the film adaptation of Salem’s Lot, however, he became top-grade nightmare fuel.


11. Abby, Let Me In


What’s creepier than an ancient monstrous vampire? A vampire that looks like an innocent young girl, that’s what. If you like this, check out the Swedish original Let The Right One In. 




10 thoughts on “15 Vampires Who Are Better Than Dracula

      1. I have seen parts of it and that is what inspired me to watch the original series it came. I don’t feel Johnny Depp was playing Barnabas Collins as much as he was parodying vampires in general while using the name Barnabas Collins. There is only one Barnabas Collins and that is Jonathan Frid who despite the campy setup (especially in the later stories) manages to be imposing as well as relatable.


      2. Very true. I have seen it and I can’t say you’re missing much. It doesn’t replicate the tone of the show in any way. Jonathan Frid is terrific in that role for sure.

        Do you fancy doing a Dark Shadows post at some point?


      3. It might be something to try, but to be honest I have only been able to watch bits and pieces. They used to have the Dark Shadows on Netflix awhile back but they took it off, but I have managed to find some episodes through web. Although I do know they made a movie 1970 based on the Barnabas Collins intro arc from the show, just more streamlined.


      4. I see The House of Dark Shadows (1970) is available to rent on Amazon, so I could watch it and then do a review of it. Also the Barnabas Collins intro arc of the show is available on Amazon too so I could get and rematch that again.


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