15 Vampires Who Are Better Than Dracula

10. Herrick, Being Human


Tired of keeping to the shadows, this vampire leader wanted to rise up and claim the world. With flickers of madness hidden behind a jokey exterior, Herrick is a hugely underrated villain.


9. Selene, Underworld


Not all vamps are villains, though. A Death Dealer (an elite fighter) in the vampire/werewolf war for centuries, action heroine Selene is one of the toughest bloodsuckers out there.


8. Barnabas Collins, Dark Shadows


Before Johnny Depp played him for comic relief in the 2012 movie, Barnabus Collins was the star of gothic soap opera Dark Shadows – one of the first tragic vampires in popular culture.


7. Alucard, Hellsing


OK, technically Alucard is Dracula – but he’s such a different take on him he might as well not be. An agent of a monster-hunting agency, Alucard is the star of the Hellsing anime series.


6. Blade, er, Blade


Eric Brooks AKA Blade, the half-vampire vampire hunter, was surprisingly one of the first Marvel heroes to make it to the silver screen – appearing in a trilogy of movies from 1998 to 2004.



10 thoughts on “15 Vampires Who Are Better Than Dracula

      1. I have seen parts of it and that is what inspired me to watch the original series it came. I don’t feel Johnny Depp was playing Barnabas Collins as much as he was parodying vampires in general while using the name Barnabas Collins. There is only one Barnabas Collins and that is Jonathan Frid who despite the campy setup (especially in the later stories) manages to be imposing as well as relatable.


      2. Very true. I have seen it and I can’t say you’re missing much. It doesn’t replicate the tone of the show in any way. Jonathan Frid is terrific in that role for sure.

        Do you fancy doing a Dark Shadows post at some point?


      3. It might be something to try, but to be honest I have only been able to watch bits and pieces. They used to have the Dark Shadows on Netflix awhile back but they took it off, but I have managed to find some episodes through web. Although I do know they made a movie 1970 based on the Barnabas Collins intro arc from the show, just more streamlined.


      4. I see The House of Dark Shadows (1970) is available to rent on Amazon, so I could watch it and then do a review of it. Also the Barnabas Collins intro arc of the show is available on Amazon too so I could get and rematch that again.


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