FF’s Favourite LGBT Characters In Sci-Fi/Fantasy

To celebrate Pride weekend, we thought we would run through our favourite LGBT characters from sci-fi and fantasy TV, books, comics and films…


Inara Serra (Bisexual) – Firefly

We see Inara engage in business with both men and women throughout the short-lived beloved series. The character admits to a female client that she is able to feel more herself when engaging in sexual acts with other women. However, the show has been criticised for its representation, erasing her sexuality by continuously referring to her attraction to Captain Mal Reynolds whilst never having her describe ever having similar feelings for women, although we see her very close to one of her female clients, whom we never see again, and whose sex scene is shown to satisfy the male gaze. M.W. 


Albus Dumbledore (Gay) – Harry Potter

Though not explicitly portrayed as such in the books or the movies, J.K. Rowling has confirmed that it was her intention that the Hogwarts headmaster was gay. According to her, Dumbledore’s close friendship with future dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald in his youth was complicated by Albus’ closeted feelings for him. The lack of confirmation in the source material has been criticised by some fans, but treating Dumbledore’s sexuality as something that doesn’t need to be made a big deal of could be said to be the best way to handle it. C.B.


Hannibal Lector (Pansexual/Questioning) – Hannibal

Whilst Hannibal is never confirmed as a queer character nor do we see him in any same-sex relations, fans and reviewers alike have noted the strong homoerotic tones of the Hannibal prequel series. Whilst there might be no sexual chemistry/feelings between Hannibal and Will Graham, their relationship is undeniably emotionally intimate. Creator Bryan Fuller believes the character to be pansexual, saying: “(Hannibal) is a very broadly spectrumed human being…who probably is capable and interested in everything humanity has to offer.” M.W.


Wiccan (Gay) – Marvel Comics

Billy Kaplan is the reincarnated son of Wanda Maximoff and the Vision. Not only incredibly powerful with magical powers, Billy is also a fantastic example of queer youth, having a sweet and healthy relationship with fellow Young Avenger Teddy ‘Hulkling’ Altman. Billy is also Jewish, which opens up opportunities to explore issues of religion and sexuality. M.W. 


Batwoman (Lesbian) – DC Comics

Even in 2017, there are still far too few LGBT superheroes in Marvel and DC comics. One of the best, though, is Kate Kane’s Batwoman. Though her marriage to girlfriend Maggie Sawyer was nixed by DC high-ups, the great work from the writers has ensured she is one of the best DC heroes of the decade. Kate is a ridiculously cool badass and totally worthy of sporting the mighty ‘Bat’ label. C.B.



2 thoughts on “FF’s Favourite LGBT Characters In Sci-Fi/Fantasy

  1. Great post! I love most of these characters – Bill is probably my favourite as I really loved her in the last Doctor Who season. 🙂


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