Review: The Flash 2×15 – King Shark

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to Central City… King Shark returns in this great episode with a real bite.


Congrats, The Flash – you successfully convinced us that the cameo of King Shark we got earlier in the season was all we were going to see of the character. What a fantastic treat it was, then, to have a full episode based around the fan favourite villain. The CGI was actually pretty impressive and the sheer size of him made him a more formidable threat-of-the-week than most. Plus, having a metahuman shark around of course meant that pop culture fiend Cisco let rip with every Jaws reference you can think of.

As fun as the King Shark stuff was, however, that was not all this one dealt with. It was nice to have a very easy kind of crossover with Arrow as Diggle and Lyla popped up to help stop the escaped ARGUS inmate. Diggle also knocked the increasing angsty tone of the show on the head when he noticed how Barry is becoming more like Oliver. Hopefully, this will act as a wake-up call to brighten him up a little.

Skipping over the sadly annoying stuff with Wally (he’s too much of a petulant kid at present), the fallout of the Earth-2 episodes was well-handled – in particular, Barry’s lingering guilt over the death of alt-Joe and Cisco’s worry that Caitlin’s fresh loss would turn her into Killer Frost.

Yes, poor Jay bought the farm last episode and so the STAR Labs gang are cut up about the death of the hero and – wait, he’s Zoom! That’s right, we finally know who’s beneath the black mask. It’s either a massive shock or a pat-yourself-on-the-back moment for guessing it right.

For me, the reveal about Jay being Zoom would have been a lot more shocking if it hadn’t already been pointed out a few episodes ago that his Earth-1 doppelganger was called Hunter Zolomon. Anyone who has read a Flash comic will know this is the real identity of Professor Zoom. Incidentally, my theory is that the doppelganger is the one who died in Jay’s place.

It was still a thrilling cliffhanger, though. Just how will Team Flash react when they find out the truth? We’ll find out when the show returns in a month…




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