Review: The Flash 2×16 – Trajectory

The Flash faces off against yet another evil speedster in this episode with a good forward momentum…


Before its month off, The Flash dropped the big bombshell that good ol’ Jay Garrick was actually bad ol’ Zoom. We were left to wonder just how long it would take our heroes to find out the truth. The answer, it turns out, is not long at all.

After we were ahead of the characters for so long last year (we knew Harrison was not to be trusted right from the first episode), it is a bit of surprise that the gang learnt the truth about Jay so soon after we did. It is definitely a good move, however, as we can now get to the interesting drama of the team reacting to being betrayed by one of their number. For the second year running!

As such, one-off villain Trajectory felt like more of a plot device to get the reveal of Zoom out in the open rather than a great speedster villain in her own right. Though like Cisco said, it was nice to finally have a female speedster. Hopefully we’ll have more interesting ones in the future. Perhaps “Jesse Quick” will live up to her father’s nickname for her?

Speaking of which, Jesse also got some much needed work here, as she admonished Harry for murdering in the name of saving her. I love the comparisons and contrasts with Reverse-Flash and it’s clear that both versions share a ruthless streak – while Thawne used his for villainy, though, Harry employs it to protect those he loves.

It’s a testament to the strength of the characters that one of the highlights of the episode was the early scene where the STAR Labs gang take a night off and go to a club. It’s just as fun watching Cisco dancing terribly as it is seeing them tackle a metahuman. On the other hand, I won’t waste too many words about the episode’s other subplot – Iris starting to date her anti-Flash boss – as it was hardly interesting and a bit of a backtrack for Iris’ character.

On the whole, it’s unfortunate for Barry that his world has just been turned upside down once again. It’s fortunate for us, though, as it should make for great TV in the next few episodes.




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