Review: The Flash 2×18 – Versus Zoom

Despite the gung-ho title, this wasn’t exactly the satisfying and explosive episode we were hoping for…


After finding out that Zoom was really Jay Garrick all along a couple of weeks ago, this episode finally gave us a proper look at the character behind the mask. It turns out he’s a serial killer who was in an electric chair when the particle accelerator exploded, thereby giving him the speedforce. He really is the dark version of The Flash.

Sure, having the villain mirror the hero is a cliche but by having Hunter also losing a parent as a child (the tragedy turning him into a monster rather than a hero), it ensures Zoom is Barry’s perfect nemesis – the real Reverse Flash, if you like. It also reinforces the core theme of The Flash – the importance of family.

This is also at the centre of a couple of the episode’s other plotlines, as Cisco worries about his new Vibe powers and Wally finally moves in with the Wests. Cisco, as always, was endearing, as he laments his problems by comparing himself to Anakin Skywalker. On the other hand, Wally still isn’t the most interesting character and the fact that he is now responsible for The Flash losing his speed won’t help him grow on us.

Yes – shock horror – the episode ends with Barry actually having lost his speed to Zoom! This should be a really dramatic moment, but unfortunately it is let down by some poor writing. While watching, you are just asking too many questions. For instance, does Barry really have to go through with the plan – seeing as Wally is now completely safe and sound? Sometimes that boy is too honest for his own good…

All in all, an enjoyable runaround – provided you don’t think about it too much.


Speed Thoughts:

  • Looks like the show is reverting to the old ‘Barry + Iris = 4eva’ thing again…
  • Anyone notice the Supergirl theme playing for a second when Barry went through the wormhole? So that’s where that crossover fits in…
  • Poor Caitlin. She’s had little to do all season and now she’s reduced to being a damsel in distress. That Zoom kid sure does love kidnapping people…




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