5 Animated Shows That Deserve Live-Action Reboots

Reboots aren’t always a good thing, but a live-action version of these awesome animated shows would be just the ticket…


5. Gargoyles

Who remembers Gargoyles, the brilliantly dark and dramatic Disney series from the nineties? It followed a group of living gargoyles who awaken in modern-day New York and proceed to save the city from supernatural threats. The original series (which sadly only ran for three seasons) was one of those that proved cartoons are not just for kids and would make for a fantastic live-action movie.


4. Danny Phantom

This Nickelodeon show from the 2000s really deserves to get a new live-action series, as it would perfectly sit alongside the current trend for superhero TV. It saw ordinary kid Danny Fenton gain ghost-like powers after being caught in a strange scientific experiment, which also brought evil spirits into our world. A new show would definitely have to keep the kickin’ theme tune, though. Everyone now: “Gonna catch ’em all ‘cos he’s Danny Phantom…”


3. Kim Possible


This popular Disney Channel series from the early 2000s starred the super secret agent Kim Possible as she foiled the evil schemes of diabolical villains, alongside keeping up her life as a regular high school cheerleader. The action-packed format and the Buffy-like premise would really lend itself to live-action form. Though cuddly sidekick Rufus the Naked Mole Rat might not be so cute in real-life.


2. Gravity Falls


Acclaimed animated series Gravity Falls might have only just finished (creator Alex Hirsch decided to end it on a high after two fantastic seasons), but, heck, we want more. The adventures of brother and sister Dipper and Mable Pine in the strange town of Gravity Falls could easily be translated into a movie. Seriously, if you haven’t seen the show do yourself and favour and go and watch it. Right now. No, don’t read the next entry. I said right now!


1. Batman Beyond


It’s really surprising that this one hasn’t happened yet, given how popular Batman movies are. Batman Beyond reinvented the mythology to tell the story of Terry McGinnis, a citizen of Gotham City in a high-tech future, who takes on the mantle of Batman – he’s even trained up by an elderly Bruce Wayne. Apart from a great central idea, Beyond had a fantastic visual flavour which would make for an awesome superhero movie. Come on, DC, make it happen!


What animated shows would you like to see in live-action?



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