5 Potential Outcomes of The Flash Season Two Finale

Barry made a big decision in The Flash season two finale that could have massive repercussions. SPOILERS lie ahead…


At the end of ‘The Race Of His Life’, Barry had had enough of losing all his loved ones and did the unthinkable – he went back in time to save his mother from the Reverse Flash, thereby completely changing the course of his entire life and perhaps that of the whole Arrowverse. Here are five potential outcomes of his actions…


Numerous Characters Are Still Alive


The biggest thing that is different now is that Nora is still alive. This means that Henry never went to prison and the Allen family is all back together – Henry presumably also having not been killed by Zoom. The ripple effect of this action could cause the likes of Eddie Thawne and Ronnie Raymond to be alive as well, as they never had to sacrifice themselves in the battle against the Reverse Flash.


Team Flash Is Broken Up


As hinted at when Barry gives a sorrowful last look at Iris and his friends before going back in time, things will have to be different now between him and his adopted family. Perhaps Iris and Barry might be married, as per the original timeline before Thawne murdered Barry’s mother the first time, but he won’t have such a close relationship with surrogate dad Joe. Likewise, Barry might not even know the STAR Labs team, if this next possibility comes true…


Wally West Is The Flash


When discussing saving his mother back in season one, it was said that the change to the timeline could mean that Barry isn’t the Flash anymore. So this could be exactly what has happened this time around. Perhaps in the new timeline, Wally West was the one to be hit by lightning on the night of the particle accelerator explosion. The series was heavily hinting that Wally would gain speed powers soon, and this would be a shocking way of going about it.


Evil Harrison Wells Is Back


Barry stops Reverse Flash from killing his mother, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the timeline will necessarily change. Eobard Thawne will presumably still be stuck in this time period, causing him to steal Harrison Wells’ identity. In this timeline, however, he might not have been stopped and is still at large. Given how Zoom didn’t match up to RF as a big bad, it would be a clever move to bring him back. And it would keep Tom Cavanagh on the show. which is a must.


Supergirl Is On Earth-1


The biggest, most simultaneously unlikely and most probable, outcome of Barry’s actions is that Supergirl will now take place in the Arrowverse. Now that the show is on The CW, it would be a whole lot easier to do crossovers if she existed on the same Earth. In the comics, Barry saving his mother led to a huge universal shuffle which rebooted the DC universe. Something similar could easily be done here to properly align Supergirl with the other CW DC shows.

2 thoughts on “5 Potential Outcomes of The Flash Season Two Finale

  1. There is a lot of outcomes, that is a fact, I personally think that this decision is a stupid one from Barry ( his depresion must be very intense as he says ) because he would never do this, it is just another excuse to bring back harrioson wells and other characters. However I am still very excited ! 🙂


    1. Thanks for reading! I do have mixed feelings about this – it could mess up the great team dynamic and, as you say, it is a bit convenient if they want to bring back a few old characters. I also can’t wait for next season. 🙂


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