20 Greatest Ever Superhero TV Themes

6. Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy Summers is one of TV’s greatest ever original superheroes (she saved the world. A lot), and she got the catchy theme tune she deserved. The gothic stylings of the opening few seconds before it all goes rock and roll brilliantly encapsulate the show’s sensibilities.


5. Angel

If Buffy is a Spider-Man kind of hero, then Angel is Batman – the brooding type who stands on rooftops overlooking their city. The Angel theme reflects that with a beautiful cello opener before showing Angel’s action hero side as the tune kicks the tempo up a notch.


4. X-Men

As hard as the films might try, many X-Men fans still see this seminal nineties animated series as the best incarnation of the team ever. The content of the show is obviously great, too, but the theme is so flipping catchy


4 thoughts on “20 Greatest Ever Superhero TV Themes

  1. Well TMNT and the 90s Batman were my shows as a child and those themes have always stuck with me. I have to say I far prefer the Justice League Unlimited theme those Justice league was rather heroic. I had totally forgot about spectacular spiderman that was such a great theme. This really had been a trip down memory lane for me. It’s a great list and I’m in two minds for 66 batman as number one. It makes sense it’s iconic the world over but other themes mean more and stir more emotion in me. I shan’t argue it’s place for legacy alone but it has me thinking.

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    1. Hey Cameron, thanks for reading. I had completely forgotten about the Justice League Unlimited theme – thanks for reminding me of that! Yeah, I put 60s Batman top because, as you say, it is so iconic. Other ones are more personal to me on a nostalgic level.

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      1. My pleasure was a great read! I’m still trying to think of shows I’d add but you’ve covered all the greats. I really need to find my copies of earth’s mightiest heroes such a great series and an awesome theme. Why they edited it in the second season is a mystery to me. A good theme sets you up for the adventure, ruing an already great them with a bad edit job and voice over takes you out of the happy moment.

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