5 TV Shows You Should Watch If You Love The Flash

Is anyone else getting withdrawal symptons since The Flash ended the other week? These suggestions for new shows to watch might help you out…


5. All The Obvious Ones


If you’ve watched all of The Flashthe obvious next step is to catch up with the rest of the Arrowverse shows, if you haven’t already. So that’s Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow and the tangentially-related Supergirl (which The Flash guest-starred in). Also, if you’re a fan of the time travel elements of the series, Doctor Who would be a safe bet to watch, too.


4. Smallville


A prequel series about the young adult life of Clark Kent before he became the Man of Steel, Smallville was The CW network’s original superhero TV hit (back when it was The WB). Running for a humongous ten seasons, binge-watching all of Smallville will surely keep you occupied until The Flash returns in the latter part of the year.


3. The Flash (1990s)


If you like one Flash series, why not try a previous one? This 1990s campy classic has loads of connections with the modern Flash – including Mark Hamill as The Trickster, Amanda Pays as Tina McGee and, most significantly, John Wesley Shipp as Barry Allen. We’ve just seen Shipp suit up as a speedster again on The Flash, so now is a good time to watch this show.


2. Buffy The Vampire Slayer


While it isn’t a superhero show, Buffy is a must-watch for Flash fans as its influence can be felt all over that series (and most of modern genre TV, really). Just like The Flash, Buffy has an ensemble cast of loveable characters and focusses on a young hero who struggles with the responsibility that their powers bring. If you haven’t seen Buffy before, you really need to.


1. Justice League


Weirdly, The Flash has never starred in his own animated series but the Wally West version of the character is a major part of this classic show about the DC superteam, basically serving as the comic relief. If you like this, there’s a whole host of interconnected series (Batman, Superman, Batman Beyond, Static Shock) that form a shared world even bigger than the Arrowverse!



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