5 Weirdest Towns on TV

There’s definitely something strange going on in these neighbourhoods…


White Pine Bay


If you don’t watch Bates Motel, the prequel series to Alfred Hitchcock’s classic thriller c Psycho, you really should as its just had a terrific fourth season (with only one left to go). The show is set in White Pine Bay, Oregon, a seemingly boring town that is actually ripe with corruption and crime. Doting Norma and her scary son Norman are right at home here.




So many crazy things have happened in the Simpson family’s home town of Springfield, USA (no one knows exactly where it is) over the past twenty-something years. Mr Burns has blocked out the sun, the government imprisoned it in a giant dome and there was that staircase that led to nowhere.  Not to mention that the residents all have yellow skin – it must be an affect of the Nuclear Power Plant…




Usually Clark Kent’s childhood home is a simple sleepy town in Kansas. In Smallville, however, it is the site of a freak meteor shower that leaves strange alien rocks all over the place – rocks that cause half of the population to develop preternatural powers. Besides that, it is also an unwitting pawn in the game of corporate chess between Lex Luthor and his father, Lionel.



Gravity Falls


When Dipper and Mabel Pines went to stay with their Grunkle (Great Uncle) Stan in the little town of Gravity Falls, they didn’t expect to spend their summer uncovering the mysteries and monsters that reside there. Like The Simpsons crossed with The X-Files, Gravity Falls is a place filled with secrets that are slowly eked over the two seasons of this terrific animated show.




Buffy The Vampire Slayer was all about subverting the expectations, so naturally its setting – cheery Sunnydale in California – was not what it seemed. It actually had vampires around every corner, a dodgy mayor and was built on top of a Hellmouth that acted as a gateway to a hell dimension. Thankfully, it was also home to the one girl with the power to stand against the forces of darkness.


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