WATCH: New Trailers for Marvel’s The Defenders, Iron Fist, Luke Cage and Daredevil Season Three

9 thoughts on “WATCH: New Trailers for Marvel’s The Defenders, Iron Fist, Luke Cage and Daredevil Season Three

  1. Luke Cage is my least interested of the 4 defenders but that trailer looks fantastic.
    I want iron fist now! That’s the one I’ve been waiting for, daredevil is the one to beat and all the mysticism of iron fist could make it amazing!!!
    So excited by these. Love the Netflix marvel stuff to bits!!!


      1. The defenders will be amazing, to see that avengers like build in a gritty real world way, can’t wait!
        I wonder who the villain will be, im pretty sure it was stick talking in the trailer maybe it has something to do with the hand maybe the whole elektra thing but that might get covered in daredevil 3.
        The thing that im confused about is I thought Jessica Jones was getting a second season before defenders.
        Ultimately it doesn’t matter I’ll be happy with whatever they do.


      2. I definitely heard Stick as well. It would be fun to see him in the Nick Fury role of bringing them together, but I kind of hope the Hand and Elektra stuff is saved for Daredevil. It would be better to have a fresh threat for Defenders, I think. But, yeah, as you say it’ll be awesome whatever!

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      3. I don’t know anything of the defenders from the comics so I don’t know who their foes are. I’m tempted to do some reading but I also like the idea of going in fresh. Then again knowing some of the background does make the easter eggs way more fun


      4. It’s interesting because the Defenders are a completely different group in the comics – I think Hulk, Doctor Strange and Silver Surfer are part of it. So we’ve got no idea what the show will consist of! But yeah Marvel are great ones for slotting in fun easter eggs.


      5. I think they’re much like the avengers and have a rotating cast but these 4 are the classic team. Certainly iron first and luke Cage are a classic team up the heroes for hire.
        I think my favourite so far was in Jessica Jones where you see her costume from the comics.
        I think we might get silver surfer after the thanos run in the movies. I’d imagine the next big bad will be galactic but it would be amazing if they went kang the conqueror.


      6. Yeah, I know that Iron Fist and Cage are the Heroes for Hire. I’m sure that will be addressed at some point. That was a cool easter egg – I also enjoyed the nods to Kingpin in the first season of Daredevil, as Fisk’s wardrobe gradually got lighter to match the white suit of the comics character.

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