NEWS FLASH: Deathstroke Is The Villain of Next Batman Solo Movie

Batman’s latest arch-nemesis has been revealed – and we’ve even got footage of him in action…


Ben Affleck sent the internet into meltdown today when he shared the following footage on his Twitter account – revealing that fan-favourite character Deathstroke would be making his way to the movies very soon.

Later on, it came out that the mercenary would be the main antagonist of the upcoming solo Batman movie, which Affleck will direct and write as well as star in.

In case you don’t know, Deathstoke the Terminator (AKA Slade Wilson) began as an enemy of the Teen Titans before his breakout popularity meant he became a regular foe for both Batman and Green Arrow. He was also the original inspiration for Deadpool (hence why he is called Wade Wilson). The character previously appeared in Arrow, as played by Manu Bennett.

Are you excited that Deathstroke will be making his big-screen debut as the main villain of a Batman movie? Chat away in the comments!

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