The Top 10 Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episodes (by Popular Choice)

In anticipation of Star Wars Rebels’ third season premiere on September 24th, we countdown the top 10 episodes of its proceeding series, The Clone Wars


However, what makes this countdown different is that this is based on 12 other top 10 (or more) lists from youtube and other blogs. This will help give a general consensus of the most popular episodes in the series. If you want to look at these lists individually, check out the links on Page 3. Now onto the countdown (which will be as spoiler free as possible).


10. Ghosts of Mortis (Season 3 Episode 7)


This was a close call because, while it was mentioned three times, it tied with “Witches of the Mist” when I added their rankings together. The reason why “Ghosts of Mortis” won was because two out of the three times it was ranked within the top five, while “Witches of the Mist” ranked in the top five only once. The finale episode of the Mortis Trilogy Arc, it’s the one where Anakin is shown his fate. A great ending for one of the greatest arcs in the series.


9. Overlords (Season 3 Episode 15)


It is seems the Force is strong with the Mortis Trilogy for “Overlords”, the arc’s first episode, has also made the list. Like “Ghosts” it was mentioned three times, but unlike it “Overlords” ranked within the top four every time. I guess people enjoyed the introduction more and I don’t blame them for it shows us how Anakin, Obi-Wan and Ahsoka are drawn to Mortis and introduces us to the Father, the Daughter and the Son all of whom are living embodiments of the Force. A great beginning for one of the greatest arcs in Clone Wars (hmmm…deja vu?).


8. The Box (Season 4 Episode 17)


This episode is the third of a four-part story arc in which Obi-Wan goes uncover as a bounty hunter. What makes this one stand out is the way it maintains suspense as undercover Obi-Wan and the bounty hunters are forced to fight their way through the shifting mazes and lethal traps of a combat simulator known as the Box. However, despite being mentioned on four lists, it made into the top five only once. Still being number eight out of the 10 most popular episodes is not bad at all.


7. Massacre (Season 4 Episode 19)


Under Count Dooku’s order, General Grievous coordinates an assault against Nightsisters on their homeworld of Dathomir and, as the title suggests, bring about the eradication of the clan. Having survived the onslaught this event marks a new shift in Asajj Ventress’s ever-evolving story. People really seem to like villains fighting villains and this episode is no exception. Out of the four lists that mentioned “Massacre,” it ranked in the top five a total of three times.


6. Revenge (Season 4 Episode 22)


With Darth Maul being a fan favorite of many within the Star Wars community, a lot of people were happy to see him come back from the dead and make his return to the Star Wars universe. What makes it even better is that he also has the chance to get revenge on the man who sliced him in half, the former Jedi Padawan now Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. It has everything a fan could ask for, so no wonder it was mentioned in five lists and and achieved a ranking within the top five for three of them.




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