Kim Possible’s Top 10 Villains

This month marks 10 years since Kim Possible, one of Disney’s most successful animated shows, ended. Let’s take a look at the teen super-spy’s best foes…


10. Gemini

Real Name: Sheldon Director

Gimmicks: Trap doors, ejector seats, electric metal hand

The Blofeld/Dr Evil-esque Gemini was the leader of Worldwide Evil Empire, known by the unfortunate acronym WEE. He was also the evil twin of Dr Director, the head of Global Justice (Kim Possible‘s version of SHIELD).


9. Professor Dementor

Real Name: N/A

Gimmicks: State-of-the-art tech, high-end lairs, henchmen in peak fitness

Professor Dementor is the arch-foe of Kim Possible’s arch-foe Dr Drakken. The two supervillains share a rivalry as their quests for world domination often crossover.


8. Motor Ed

Real Name: Eddie Lipsky

Gimmicks: Love of cars and car-themed gadgetry

Mullet-headed, rock-loving criminal Motor Ed was a talented mechanic who used his skill for criminal gain. He’s also the wayward cousin of Dr Drakken!


7. Duff Killigan

Real Name: N/A

Gimmicks: Golf-themed gadgets

When they were handing out villain gimmicks, Duff Killigan definitely drew the shortest straw. This angry Scotsman was once a top golfer but was banned from the sport due to his ferocity. He then took his anger out on the world by turning to crime.


6. DNAmy

Real name: Amy Hall

Gimmicks: Genius geneticist, animal hybrid henchmen

Bubbly geneticist Amy Hall had a psychopathic obsession with stuffed animals that led her to create grotesque animal hybrids of her own. Also know for her various crushes. e.g. Dr Drakken, Monkey Fist and Mr Barkin.




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