Kim Possible’s Top 15 Villains

This month marks 10 years since Kim Possible, one of Disney’s most successful animated shows, ended. Let’s take a look at the teen super-spy’s best foes…


15. Adrena Lynn

Gimmicks: adrenaline junkie, TV star

Adrena Lynn was a TV star who was known for undertaking “extreme” death-defying stunts in order to achieve high ratings. When Kim revealed her to be a fake, she sought revenge. Lynn was meant to be a major foe on the show but fans did not show enough interest in her.


14. Gemini

Real Name: Sheldon Director

Gimmicks: Trap doors, ejector seats, electric metal hand

The Blofeld/Dr Evil-esque Gemini was the leader of Worldwide Evil Empire, known by the unfortunate acronym WEE. He was also the evil twin of Dr Director, the head of Global Justice (Kim Possible‘s version of SHIELD).


13. Jack Hench

Gimmicks: successful businessman, endless supply of henchmen

Ever wondered why henchmen are called that? It turns out it’s because every supervillain gets their employees from HenchCo, the evil company run by Jack Hench. Hench doesn’t actually seem to be evil himself, but rather a shrewd businessman who saw a gap in the market.


12. Camille Leon

Gimmicks: shape-shifting, fashionista, rich heiress

A parody of Paris Hilton, Camille Leon is a spoiled and incredibly famous heiress. She underwent an experimental plastic surgery that allowed her to transform her entire appearance, a handy ability she used for crime. Voiced by High School Musical’s Ashley Tisdale.


11. Bebe

Gimmicks: emotionless robots, evil artificial intelligence

The original Bebe was Drakken’s robot girlfriend he made at college. He later built multiple updated Bebe models, whose artificial intelligence was so cutting edge that they rebelled against their creator. They later kidnapped Kim’s rival Bonnie to become their new queen.




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