Recap: Star Wars Rebels 3×07 – Imperial Super Commandos

Sabine is once again in the leading role this week, plus a season 2 character makes his reappearance…


‘Imperials Super Commandos’ opens with Sabine playing a Mandalorian strategy game called Cubikahd with Fenn Rau, who in a previous episode was captured and has since been held by the Rebels in order to guarantee safe passage through the Concord Dawn system. Despite Sabine’s attempts to persuade him to join the Rebellion, Rau is still unconvinced, expressing that his true loyalty belong to Mandalore not to the Rebels or the Empire. At this point Zeb interrupts stating that they are both summoned by Hera to the war room. There they are informed that that they have lost contact with Protectors’ Camp on Concord Dawn’s third moon. It is decided that Sabine, Ezra and Chopper accompany Rau on the Phantom II to assess the situation.

When they reach the system, Fenn Rau seizes the opportunity when Ezra’s attention is distracted to overpower both him and Sabine. When they wake up, they find themselves on the moon’s surface. They locate Rau standing on the top of a rocky precipice, and he does not even attempt to move when Ezra uses the Force to pull his blaster from his hand. When they reach the edge they find the Protectors’ camp has been destroyed, and according to the evidence Rau’s suspects that another Madalorian clan was responsible.

Chopper detects a signal, which is coming from an Imperial probe. Ezra and Sabine manage to destroy it, but Sabine warns that it might not be long before Imperial reinforcements come. Sure enough, Ezra spots “flying stroomtroopers” fast approaching, but Rau corrects him saying they are Mandalorians who serve the Empire. They are forced to run, but Ezra makes the decision to expose himself so Sabine and Rau can get away. Sabine wants to go back to help him, but Fenn Rau states that his “sacrifice” will help to save them.


The leader who identifies himself as Gar Saxon begins to interrogate Ezra, threatening to use Chopper for target practice if he doesn’t give his cooperation. As this is going on, Sabine and Rau are eavesdropping from outside and as it turns out Saxon is of Clan Vizula and that he attacked the Protectors, allowing the Rebels to pass through so he could lure Fenn Rau out of hiding. After realizing the Rebels had inadvertently spared his life by holding him hostage, Rau makes a truce with Sabine saying he will secure the Phantom II while she rescues Ezra and Chopper.

Unfortunately in the confusion Fenn leaves both of them surrounded by Imperial Mandalorians. Saxon recognizes Sabine and says he knows of how she defected to the Rebels and explains that it led her mother to pledge her support to him in light of the shame that her daughter brought to the family. He tries to convince her pledge her fidelity to Clan Vizula, which Sabine uses as an opportunity to have Chopper activate a sound frequency that disorientates the Mandalorians. This allows Sabine to snatch one their jet packs and take to the air, bringing Ezra along for the ride.

A chase scene follows that ends at the Mandalorians’ ship where Sabine and Ezra are routed once again by the Saxon’s men. Fenn Rau then returns in the Phantom II to rescue them having a change of heart and all manage to escape the Imperial Mandalorians, destroying their ship in the process. As they prepare to leave the Concord Dawn System, Rau explains that it was Sabine’s loyalty to her friends that made him change his mind about her and that she had won his respect since she did not forget the “old ways.” With that, he expresses his willingness to join the Rebellion to which Sabine replies: “Welcome to the family.”

Mandalorian stories pull out all the stops and this one is no exception. This was a really enjoyable episode with believable conflict, resolution, and most importantly, it didn’t feel rushed or drawn out. It was just the right length, with the right amount of dialogue and action. It showed great character development for Sabine and Fenn Rau as well gave more information about the divisions of Mandalorian clans and what their status with Empire is like. This is has been one of the best episodes thus far and I can’t wait to see Rau’s contribution to the Rebel cause as the series continues.




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