Rupert Giles’ 20 Greatest Quotes

Xander: “Who’s a little fear demon? Come on. Who’s the little fear demon?”

Giles: “Don’t taunt him, Xander.”

Xander: “Why? Can he hurt me?”

Giles: “No, it’s just tacky.”

S04E04: ‘Fear Itself’

“I am however a bit fuzzy on the details. It may be that you can wrestle some information out of that dread machine… That was a bit, um, British, wasn’t it?”

S03E02: ‘The Harvest’

Giles: “It appears to be paranormal in origin.”

Buffy: “How can you tell?”

Giles: “Well, it’s so shiny.”

S05E05: ‘There’s No Place Like Home’

“Stop whatever it is you’re doing. You smell like fruit roll-ups.”

S04E09: ‘Something Blue’

“‘Do you like my mask? Isn’t it pretty? It raises the dead!'”



S03E03: ‘Dead Men’s Party’





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