NEWS FLASH: Young Justice Season 3 is Finally Coming

Three years after its unexpected cancellation, the hit animated series is making a triumphant return.


Warner Brothers just announced that season 3 of Young Justice is in the works and is set for immediate release once its done. Both of its original producers Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman will be returning to the project to finish what they started. This is much to the jubilation of the fans, I being one them, who were disappointed that the series was forced to end on a cliffhanger with plot lines unresolved. Little is known at this point what the season may entail, but the press release expresses that there will be new and daring adventures for the Team to face as they continue the story that had been setting up since the beginning.

For now we wait for more news. I mean that’s all we’ve been doing for past three years, so we have plenty of practice.

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